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Men at Birth Series – Episode 2

Men at Birth Series – Episode 2

Hello you amazing birthers! Welcome to another episode of Men at Birth, and in this episode were gonna be seeing birth from all over the world! 

We’re gonna have this first couple, they’re gonna birth in Spanish and the next couple is gonna birth in German and then finally we’re gonna finish off with an Italian birth or… I don’t know what kind of language is the last one but this one is a Spanish couple or something, honestly, I don’t know.

Hey! The Baby is Out, Fast!

Men at Birth Series – Episode 2-2

And to be honest this is gonna be a pretty brutal episode. There is definitely some nudity, so just deal with it, it is birth. Looks like this guy is a hardworking bloke here. He is doing what he can to get that room ready and that is really key is the environment and he is doing what it takes. That is an interesting hanging bassinet there. I wonder if that is for the new baby. Sounds good, I don’t know what he is saying, not that it really matters you know.

It’s funny how birth is pretty much the same no matter where you are in the world it is the same process. It’s always beneficial if the man and the woman are the same mind and on the same page, and really you don’t have to have a whole lot of money to birth successfully.

This guy has got really quite a bit, it looks like it looks like it’s meager but it’s really sufficient and it looks like it’s a really comfortable place for her, he’s got the pool that he’s getting set up. And, ya, so Kudos this guy! Good job papa for putting this together. In fact, the birth pool is even deeper than the one my wife had, so nothing wrong with that. And you know, again, we only see the tip of the iceberg for what the father is doing. But he had to plan ahead to have this pool ready. And you know he made those arrangements and now she’s birthing. 

Haha! He didn’t even get the water in, look at that! There is only like three inches of water, and she is already giving birth. And that’s the way, ya know? He put in so much time and effort and she couldn’t even wait and good for her.

It’s nice when the birth goes faster than you expect. Well, look at that, he caught the baby and now he doesn’t know what to do! Haha, but you don’t have to do anything right? It’s okay, everybody’s okay, you just wait. Wait until the mother is ready and then, I think there is a nuchal cord there. It looks like there is some cord management.  

And that is interesting, see the cord is actually going out from behind her. Normally you pass the baby in front, but she didn’t do that. She took the baby from behind, the cord’s going around her leg, and it looks like the cord is plenty long enough which is great. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t.

Bungee Baby

Men at Birth Series – Episode 2-3

Alright, in this next video, you know, hold your horses. This is the birth in German and my goodness it is… Let’s just say it is hardcore, okay? 

This lady has uploaded more than one birth of herself, and the father is there, honestly, this guy doesn’t do much in this video. She kind of does it all herself, and that is fine too. He could probably have done more. But she is the kind of lady that can do it on her own and she definitely does it on her own. And I am grateful that we don’t have to show the whole thing in this clip because the father isn’t really in the shot when she gives birth, and there she is and the whole family is there and they are very happy. Normally wouldn’t, I mean, we will include a link to this video but this video is not for the faint of heart, right? So he’s there providing child care and he is doing what he can. He brought her water, and he is at home with her, and the biggest thing is that the husband is there and attentive, and meeting the expectations of his wife. 

It’s really about understanding the expectations of the woman and meeting the expectations or exceeding them, right? So you’ve got to understand what her expectations are and this guy did that, right? She is obviously very happy. 

You can see the cord hanging down. Believe it or not, the cord tore the moment the baby was born because she was full-on standing up and the baby fell on to the ground and she did not manage to catch it, so the baby ended up on the ground, and the cord tore.

But nevertheless, no harm to the mama no harm to the baby. Usually, you want to keep the cord intact until the baby can begin nursing, but in this case, that didn’t happen. It just tore on its own. And I think she still has the placenta retained but she’s doing what mothers do – she’s nursing. And this family is obviously very experienced. This is not their first birth and it likely won’t be their last, right? People who love birth tend to have more babies. So that’s another reason why I love having happy births and I do my best to help my wife because I want to have more children. Children are awesome, and they’re huge blessings.

If you believe children are blessings, then, you want your births to be as sustainable and enjoyable as possible, and also affordable, right? It’s not a heresy to talk about the cost of birth. And these kinds of birth are certainly more affordable. As long as the woman is low risk, they can actually be even safer than medically attended births. Oftentimes, the medical attendants will inadvertently induce the very complications that they purport to resolve, and what I mean by that is, the medical experts have their own anxieties, their own fears. They have their own set of bad experiences that they bring to every birth environment they attend. And that can actually have an impact on the outcome of a birth. They say certain things to a laboring woman, you know when they do certain things because of bad experiences they’ve had in the past that can actually have an impact. You are able to avoid a lot of that fear and anxiety when you are birthing with people that you know and trust. If you are on the same page with them in terms of standard of care, then you will be much happier. and it pays to really think about those things and to talk about those things with your wife. 

And these two are very happy despite the unique birth they had, they are both happy and the baby is healthy and happy. Interesting video to watch if you have a strong stomach, but not for the faint of heart.

Ocean Baby

Men at Birth Series – Episode 2-4

I moved this video up because I wanted it to be the last one of the episodes, and this one is a little bit more pleasant. 

So this is an Italian couple birthing in the ocean, yes, they are birthing in the ocean. He obviously is there, as a buoy? I don’t know, I never thought of a man at birth as a buoy, but this guy is supporting her not just in the buoy…he is literally supporting her, right? Floating in the water it’s not just an alliteration, he is there with his family with his daughters and they are there birthing in an environment they chose and they do actually have a midwife there and you will see her and she will do a bunch of stuff and that is fine, I can understand why they want to do that, this is a unique birth environment for sure. I have seen women give birth in forests and backyards, but it is pretty rare to give birth in the ocean. 

And the saltwater, I don’t know, it really depends on your worldview. When it comes to, you know, what this world is meant for a lot of people believe that bacteria and there are certain living organisms in this world that are trying to kill us and do us harm. There is the baby being born in the ocean, and to birth in the ocean, you really have to believe that this world is created for us and that the ocean water is certainly not harmful, and could possibly be beneficial, I normally wouldn’t think of that for brand new babies, but this couple did and clearly they had a very happy and healthy baby as interesting!

It’ll be interesting what they have to say. I’d imagine that this is their first ocean birth, but I wonder what effects they experienced afterward, and the father is just constantly there. You know, doing what he can to support his wife, and it’s good to see that they are on the same page.

That’s so important is to meet mentally and emotionally with your significant other, and it helps to be on the same page if you want them to be around, it might be that you are so far apart that you might separate and that can be the best choice, and it can be the meaning of the minds. But this couple has a clearly strong relationship and they were able to birth in this stinking ocean.

It’s just wild. I love it. Yep, there they are, oh, there’s the baby sleeping, ya see?


Men at Birth Series – Episode 2-5

When you involve the children in the birth, what happens, a common thought, people commonly think, “oh, you don’t want to expose young children to a birth because they will be traumatized” that’s something I hear often. And what we found and clearly what these people have found, is that children are not traumatized by birth, they imprint you know, they become participants in that experience and they literally take an ownership over the new child. So it’s just the opposite of jealousy, they become the co-providers, just look at the way she is, just look at them, the boy too, right? Girls and boys really obsessed over their little brothers and sisters if they are able to be there and see the effort that goes into bringing them into the world and seeing that genuine joy and your euphoria of the mother and the father, the children pick up on that euphoria and that creates this bond that you can’t simulate any other way, cause it is just a really powerful experience of birth, and there is nothing else like it.

The transition phase that you might read about, if you study birth, there is a phase that some women go through. 

Not all women go through it. I’ve heard from fifty to seventy-five percent of women go through the transition phase where they feel like they are going to die. It’s that severe and they will say that… they’ll say “I can’t do this” and sometimes they will express that sensation “this is impossible… there is no way this can happen”. They might just say “I feel like I am going to die.” It is one thing to read that in a book, it’s an entirely different thing to experience it first hand. This sensation, “this is overwhelming, it’s impossible I cannot do it”, is not uncommon. It’s fairly common for women to experience that sensation, and it’s called transition. I think the Bradley Method calls it the transition phase. I believe, and we know empirically, that the transition phase triggers the release of certain hormones in the body that can basically facilitate the process that she is going through. That sense of dread and fear and overwhelmed sensation is a trigger, and it is actually the moment that she feels like that, that she is doing it, right? That is powerful. How does that happen? At that moment, that is when you need to be there, you need to expect that, as husband and as a provider. You need to be there and you need to say “you are doing a good job, you can do it, you’re strong, you got this”.

Anyway, thank you so much for watching another episode of Men At Birth and we will catch you next time!

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