Birth for Men Frequently Asked Questions

Does my wife need to pay separately if she is going to be attending the webinar with me?

No, women who attend the webinar with their husbands are free just so long as she is at the same computer.

When are the webinars held?

Birth for Men childbirth education webinars are held on the 1st Saturday of each month at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard time. This is the same as 12:00 Noon Central Standard time, 11:00 AM Mountain Standard time, and 10:00 AM Pacific Standard time.

Can I attend the webinar while on my smartphone?

Technically yes, but we don’t recommend it. At two hours, the webinar is very long. You should be in a position to take notes and you’ll also want to have your hands free to snack and drink.

I am a woman, can I attend the webinar?

You can attend the webinar if your husband is also attending with you.

Can I attend if I'm not in the US or not birthing in the US?

Absolutely. Natural childbirth is the same whether it happens in Chicago or China. Cultural norms may differ, but the basics are all the same.

I’m a woman and I’m not married to the child’s father, can I still attend?

Yes, so long as the child’s father attends the webinar you can attend. You do not need to be married to the child’s father. Though we do recommend securing a public, life-long commitment of fidelity from both the man to the woman and from the woman to the man (with or without an official marriage license). This kind of commitment can provide deep emotional and spiritual assurance that can benefit the birthing woman before and after the birth, and especially during.

My wife isn’t pregnant yet. Should I wait until she is pregnant?

No! Learning how to support your wife before, during, and after birth can have a powerful positive impact on her fertility and on your fertility. All who attend our webinars can attend subsequent webinars at 50% off, so you are encouraged to attend multiple webinar sessions. Especially because our guest speakers are constantly changing.

My wife is already 8 or 9 months pregnant. Can we still benefit from the Birth for Men webinar?

Yes, absolutely! It is a good idea to attend the webinar early (and perhaps attend a second time later as you approach the birthday).
Some of the best times to attend the webinar include:

  • When you are engaged to be married.
  • Just after you get married.
  • When you are trying to become pregnant.
  • Just after you become pregnant.
  • Any time during pregnancy.
  • At the start of the third trimester.
  • One month before giving birth.
  • After a bad birth experience.