Birth for Men Frequently Asked Questions

Does my wife need to pay separately if she is going to be attending the webinar with me?

No, women who attend the webinar with their husbands are free just so long as she is at the same computer.

How much does the Birth For Men webinar cost?

Each part of the webinar is $99 if purchased separately. If you buy all three parts at once, you get a 50% discount, meaning the final price for the full-three hour webinar is $149.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, absolutely. If you are not satisfied with the webinar, just let us know within the first 30 days and we'll issue a full refund. Your satisfaction is our goal!

When are the webinars held?

Birth for Men childbirth education webinars are now on-demand, so you can watch when it is most convenient for you. For best results, we recommend you watch only one webinar part each day, to ensure you have time to process the information and sleep on what you’ve learned. Take time to discuss your action items with your wife.

What else do I get with the webinar?

You get exclusive access to our BirthForMen private community, where you can engage with other fathers who are growing and learning. You also get access to our extensive database of classified birth videos, where you can filter, search, and sort for birth videos that show exactly what you need to see.

Can I attend the webinar while on my smartphone?

Technically yes, but we don’t recommend it. At three hours for all three parts, the webinar is very long so it may be tiresome to watch on a smartphone. You should also be in a position to take notes and you’ll also want to have your hands free to snack and drink.

How long is the webinar?

There are three, one-hour parts to the webinar:
Part 1 - Before Birth
Part 2 - During Birth
Part 3 - After Birth
Altogether, the full webinar (all three parts) lasts just under three hours.

I am a woman, can I attend the webinar?

You can attend the webinar if your husband is also attending with you.

Can I attend if I'm not in the US or not birthing in the US?

Absolutely. Natural childbirth is the same whether it happens in Chicago or China. Cultural norms may differ, but the basics are all the same.

Can I ask questions during the webinar?

Yes, absolutely. We typically respond within 48 hours to all questions, and you can get even faster feedback within our private community after signing up.

I’m a woman and I’m not married to the child’s father, can I still attend?

Yes, so long as the child’s father attends the webinar, you may attend. You do not need to be married to the child’s father. Though we do recommend securing a public, life-long commitment of fidelity from both the man to the woman and from the woman to the man (with or without an official marriage license). This kind of commitment can provide deep emotional and spiritual assurance that can benefit the birthing woman before and after the birth, and especially during.

My wife isn’t pregnant yet. Should I wait until she is pregnant?

No! Learning how to support your wife before, during, and after birth can have a powerful positive impact on her fertility and on your fertility. You are encouraged to attend multiple webinar sessions, and we give special discounts for repeat viewers.

My wife is already 8 or 9 months pregnant. Can we still benefit from the Birth for Men webinar?

Yes, absolutely! It is a good idea to attend the webinar early (and perhaps attend a second time later as you approach the birthday). Some of the best times to attend the webinar include: