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Advise in the birthing industry refers to the advice and information that birthing professionals give to their clients during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. This can include a range of topics on health, recommending a particular type of childbirth class, providing emotional support during labor, suggestions for coping with labor pain, and postpartum recovery tips. These are usually based on the professional’s experience and expertise, as well as the latest evidence-based research.

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During Pregnancy

Some of the most common questions that arise during pregnancy relate to diet and nutrition. Pregnant women are often advised to eat a balanced diet, including plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. They may also be advised to take prenatal vitamins and avoid certain foods, such as those that are high in mercury. They are also advised to quit smoking and avoid exposure to secondhand smoke because tobacco use can increase the risk of complications during pregnancy, such as preterm labor and low birth weight. Limiting alcohol consumption is also advised as drinking alcohol during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, and birth defects.

Another important piece of advice is about the client’s birth and emergency plan. This can include birthing options the client can choose from (home birth, hospital birth, or a birthing center), and what to do if labor does not progress as expected or if there are complications with the baby. It is also important for the client to know what to do in case of an emergency, and to have a list of phone numbers for the birthing facility, and the doctor or midwife on call.


During Labor

During labor, women are advised to drink plenty of fluids and eat light meals to avoid dehydration and fatigue. They may also be advised to use certain positions for labor and delivery, such as squatting or lying on their side, to help the baby descend into the birth canal. Some women may be advised to use natural pain relief methods, such as massage, aromatherapy, or relaxation techniques, while others may be advised to use medication.

After Birth

Once the baby is born, mothers will be advised on how to care for their newborn which can include information on breastfeeding and pumping milk, bathing, and diapering. They may also be advised to start bonding with their baby via skin-to-skin contact, which has been shown to have many benefits for both the mother and baby. Mothers are also advised to rest as much as possible, avoid strenuous activity in the weeks following childbirth, drink plenty of fluids, and eat a healthy diet. They may also be advised to wear supportive clothing, such as a belly wrap, and to use pads or diapers for bleeding. Women are also advised to watch for signs of postpartum depression and to seek help if they experience any symptoms.

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