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Why Birth for Men?

Husbands play a unique role in the birth journey.

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A Birth Webinar by Men for Men

Associate with those who have achieved the birth outcomes you seek.

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Our Birth Services for Dads

Comprehensive Birth Webinar

Our extensive three-hour, on-demand webinar was built by men, for men and is thus singularly unique in its focus on helping men prepare for the wonderful birth event. No matter where you are in your understanding of Childbirth, our goal is to take you further.

Birth Community for Fathers

We run a Facebook group open to men and women who want to help fathers improve their contributions to the total birth experience. Additionally, anyone who attends one of our on-demand webinars will be invited to our private community just for fathers.

Birth Video Reviews

It’s one thing to hear the words, it’s another thing to see them play out in real life. We highly recommend watching birth videos of those families who have gone above and beyond to make their most intimate moments public. We regularly review birth videos of all sorts to offer additional insights into the process.

Is This Webinar Right for Me?

Men Looking to Learn about Childbirth

If you are a man who wants to know more about mastering natural childbirth (whether or not your wife or fiance is pregnant) then this is the webinar for you. Humility is a virtue that leads to greater understanding, pride is a vice that leads to sustained error and destruction. Be humble, and the world is yours.

Overcoming Birth Fear

There is no need to instantly overcome all your inhibitions during your first birth experience. You can be afraid of birth before, during, and after this webinar. But know that the webinar is indeed designed to walk you down the path towards eventual Fearlessness in birth. You should have the desire to one day be a master of childbirth, or at the very least, be a little bit less afraid than you are now.

Naturally Minded Birth

We focus on helping avoid unnecessary interventions. Modern western medical obstetric practice consistently fails to deliver good birth outcomes. Obstetricians are trained to handle crisis situations and often (though inadvertently) they can actually create the very crises they are trained to manage. You may want to look for other birth education options if you believe modern medical practices cannot be questioned.

Women with Men

Women are allowed to attend the webinar only if their husbands are also attending. Sometimes it can be beneficial for a man to contemplate the topic of birth alone, without their wife present. Men can have deep-seated emotional issues and negative birth experiences that are almost impossible to fully express to their wives in part because they don't want to upset their wives. You will need to make up your own mind what is best for your husband in this regard.


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BirthforMen Team

Alexander Doak
Lead Host, Father of Ten Children
Lee Smith
Consultant, Father of Seven Children
Zachary Popp
Consultant, Father of Seven Children
Birth Video Reviews

What Fathers Say About BirthForMen


There is no wrong time to attend the webinar. The sooner the better, in fact. If you do attend the webinar before the third trimester, we do recommend taking good notes so that you carry what you’ve learned into the future and review key concepts before and after the birth. But the earlier you learn about these techniques, the sooner you can begin modifying your lifestyle to effectively realize your ideal birth!


Every Birth Webinar is Unique

While we cover much of the same basic content in our core webinar presentation, we frequently bring in special guest speakers so that they can contribute their own unique perspectives. Most of our guest speakers are women who specialize in birth-related fields such as midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, and so forth. We also have experienced fathers join from time to time as guest speakers.

Latest Birth Blog Posts


Fundus Definition

The fundus of the uterus is the uppermost portion of the organ. It’s generally defined as the area above the level of the uterine tubes, the part of the uterus that is closest to the stomach. The fundus plays an important role in pregnancy and during childbirth. The fundus produces hormones that are essential for pregnancy, such as progesterone and estrogen. During pregnancy, the fundus helps to support the growing fetus. It also helps keep the blood vessels in the

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Sonogram Definition

A sonogram, also called an ultrasound scan or sonography, is a type of diagnostic imaging that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of structures inside the body. It is usually performed by trained technicians called sonographers. A sonogram is most often used to visualize fetal development during pregnancy, as well as to assess heart function, and look for abnormalities in the abdomen and pelvis. It can also be used to detect problems with the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and

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Pelvimetry Definition

Pelvimetry is the process of measuring the pelvis, typically during pregnancy. It is used to determine the size and shape of the pelvis, and to assess whether the pelvis is large enough to allow for a vaginal delivery. Pelvimetry may also be used to diagnose pelvic disorders, such as prolapse, dysplasia, and cephalo-pelvic disproportion. There are several methods of pelvimetry, including external palpation, internal examination, X-ray pelvimetry, and MRI pelvimetry. External palpation is the most common method of pelvimetry and

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Diamniotic Twins Definition

Diamniotic twins are two fetuses that develop independently in their own amniotic sacs. They are also known as dichorionic twins. This is the most common type of multiple pregnancy, occurring in about 70% of cases. Diamniotic twins are usually diagnosed during an ultrasound scan at around 12 weeks of pregnancy. The presence of two separate amniotic sacs and two yolk sacs is diagnostic of diamniotic twins. However, it may not be possible to confirm the diagnosis until later in the

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Birthing Room Definition

A birthing room is a facility where women give birth. It is also called a delivery room or a labor ward. The term “birthing room” can be used to refer to the physical space where births take place, or it can be used more broadly to refer to the entire environment surrounding the birth process, including the staff and services available.  The functions of a birthing room vary depending on the type of facility, but they typically include providing a

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Linea Nigra Definition

Linea nigra often called pregnancy line, is a dark line that runs from the navel to the pubic bone. It typically appears during pregnancy as a result of increased melanin production and is more common in darker-skinned women. The line usually fades after delivery, but some women may find it permanent. There are no health risks associated with linea nigra, but some women may seek treatments to lighten the line. There are no known risk factors or complications associated with

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BirthForMen is the only childbirth webinar in the world by men, for men.

Our goal is to make birth more enjoyable, successful, affordable, and safer for everyone involved.