Multigravida Definition

Multigravida is used to describe a woman who is pregnant with her second or subsequent child. The term is derived from the Latin words “multi” meaning “many” and “gravida” meaning “pregnant.” It is important to note that the definition Multigravida in birth industry may vary slightly. For example, some medical sources define Multigravida as a woman who has been pregnant two or more times, regardless of whether the pregnancies resulted in live births. Other sources may define Multigravida as a […]

Nuchal Translucency

Nuchal Translucency Definition

Nuchal translucency is the degree of translucency of the fluid-filled subcutaneous gap on the back of the fetal neck, typically seen during the late first trimester and early second trimester (11 weeks 3 days to 13 weeks 6 days). The degree of translucency of the gap indicates density. High translucency means higher density owing to the presence of fluid. This is determined during an ultrasound scan. A high NT reading indicates an increased chance that the baby has chromosomal abnormalities […]

Prodromal Labor

Prodromal Labor Definition

Prodromal labor is a term used in the birth industry to describe labor that begins at the 37th week of gestation, or earlier. It is also sometimes called false labor and is characterized by the presence of labor-like symptoms, such as contractions, but without cervical change and does not involve any real labor progression. The contractions can be mild to strong and may be irregular or regular, and they come and go for a time before stopping. There are other […]


Perineum Definition

Perineum, a Greek word that means “around the anus”, refers to the area between the vaginal opening and the anus. In other words, it is the space between a woman’s legs that is left when she is lying down with her knees bent and apart. This area is also sometimes called the pelvic floor, which includes the muscles and tissues that support the organs in the pelvis. These muscles are sensitive and can be easily damaged and can weaken with […]


Advise Definition

Advise in the birthing industry refers to the advice and information that birthing professionals give to their clients during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. This can include a range of topics on health, recommending a particular type of childbirth class, providing emotional support during labor, suggestions for coping with labor pain, and postpartum recovery tips. These are usually based on the professional’s experience and expertise, as well as the latest evidence-based research. This image shows how often the term […]


Antepartum Definition

In the birthing world, antepartum refers to the period between a woman’s last menstrual period and the birth of her baby. This term is generally used to refer to the latter portion of pregnancy, from around 20 weeks gestation until birth. It is during this period that the pregnant woman and her care providers will monitor for signs of labor, and take steps to prevent preterm birth, any birth that occurs before 37 weeks gestation. Routine prenatal care appointments become […]

Linea Alba.image

Linea Alba Definition

In the birth industry, Linea Alba is a Latin term meaning “white line.” It refers to a white fibrous band that runs down the center of the abdominal wall. The Linea Alba is formed by the fusion of the two recti sheaths, which are the layers of connective tissue that surround the abdominals. During pregnancy, the Linea Alba stretches and thins as the abdominal muscles separate to make room for the growing baby. This can cause the linea alba markings […]


Parturition Definition

Parturition is a more technical term, and is the process of childbirth starting from the earliest onset of regular contractions to the delivery of the baby. It is divided into three stages: The first stage starts with regular contractions and ends when the cervix is fully dilated. The second stage starts when the cervix is fully dilated and ends with the delivery of the baby. These are some synonyms or closely related terms to Parturition: Childbirth Labor Delivery This image […]