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General Practitioner Definition

In the birthing industry, General practitioner is a term used to describe a healthcare professional who provides basic care to pregnant women and discusses plans about your pregnancy and can refer you to any public or private hospital and birthing center, most women when they feel like they’re pregnant they sometimes go first to GP before going to Obstetricians, midwife or any other doctor who specializes in Pregnancy and birth care. On the other hand, General practitioners specialize in family medicine, can treat general and most minor health problems of all ages, and can even perform minor operations.

This image shows how often the term ‘General Practitioner’ is used in relation to other, similar birth terms:

To understand the difference between a GP and other types of doctors, it is important to first understand the different types of doctors. Aside from GP, the following are the other types of doctors:

2) Specialist Physicians – have completed special training in one area of medicine and are certified to practice in that area for example is, OB-Gyne, Perinatologist, Neonatologist, and Pediatrician.

3) Surgeons – are physicians who have been trained in surgery and perform operations like mastectomy, appendectomy, etc.

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