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Nulliparous Definition


In the birth industry, Nulliparous is defined as a woman who has not given birth to a child. This is often referred to simply as “Nulliparous” or ” Nullips “.

Outside of the birth industry, Nulliparous may be used to describe other things that have not occurred. For example, a company might refer to itself as Nulliparous if it has never had a bankruptcy.

To be specific, a nulliparous woman isn’t necessarily someone who has never been pregnant; someone who has previously lost a pregnancy, stillbirth, or an elective abortion but has yet to give birth to a live baby is still known as nulliparous.

Nulliparous is not to be confused with these terms Nulligravida, Primiparous, and Multiparous.

Nulligravida- which is used to describe a woman who has never been pregnant.

Primiparous- which is used to describe a woman who has given birth to her first child.

Multiparous- which is used to describe a woman who has given birth to more than one child.

This image shows how often the term ‘Nulliparous’ is used in relation to other, similar birth terms:


Risk of Being Nulliparous Woman

During pregnancy, some of the potential risks associated with being a nulliparous woman include an increased risk of developing hypertension, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia this is due to the fact that nulliparous women typically have their first baby later in life.


In addition, as there are risk of cancer to those who give birth specially to those multiparous woman, there are also risks for nulliparous woman. Studies have found that nulliparous women are at an increased risk of ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and uterine cancer. However, this is not cause for concern, since these risk can be real for all women.

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