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Pre-Referral Definition


Pre-Referral is a term used in the pregnancy and birthing industry to mean “the process of making a referral.” It can also be referred to as prenatal care, preconception counseling, or simply pre-referral. Pre-Referral typically occurs when a woman first visits her doctor or midwife for an initial consultation. The purpose of Pre-Referral is to provide information about medical risks and interventions that may be necessary during pregnancy and childbirth.

While Pre-Referral is a vital part of ensuring a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, it is important to remember that not all risks can be anticipated or avoided. Ultimately, every woman’s experience with pregnancy and childbirth is unique, and pre-referral should be just one part of an overall plan for a healthy pregnancy and birth.

Other Closely Related Terms

There are several terms closely associated with Pre-Referral: Prenatal Care, Antenatal Care, Perinatal Care, Postpartum Care. All of these terms refer to different stages of care surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. Pre-Referral is typically the first stage of care, occurring before conception. Prenatal Care refers to care during pregnancy, while Perinatal Care encompasses both prenatal and postnatal care (the period immediately after birth). Postpartum Care typically refers to the 6-8 weeks after childbirth. 

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