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Top 5 Best Birth Videos from 2019

Top 5 Best Birth Videos from 2019

This is a list of our top five most favorite birth videos that were uploaded in 2018. Since we’re putting together a fully annotated database of birth videos available on the internet, we’re in a unique position to provide this summary. If you think another video from 2018 should be on this list, let us know in the comments below!

And take a moment to look at our master list to see if there are any great birth videos we missed.

Meyers Home Birth

Very good modesty, which is a strange thing to expect during a birth. The whole family is incredibly well prepared. I love seeing children present, this is great. The father is super engaged and present, in the moment. No distractions.

The mother’s expression and attitude during crowning and delivery is just next-level-ownage-of-birth.

Waterbirth – no urgency to remove baby from water shows a deep understanding of what is happening. Look at that water… did she even bleed at ALL?

Normally I’d like to see the baby on that nipple ASAP. But of course, she had her top on for the camera, so that’s good for us, but not so good for the baby. In this case everything was all just so cool and calm, and the baby was just so active stinking active… barely even cried but clearly he was thriving. Nursing can wait a minute or two.

Getting the baby on the nipple can also be a bit more important when the mother is hemorrhaging heavily. Someone forgot to tell this woman that she’s supposed to bleed during birth I guess (Ha!).

Really good production quality and soundtrack.

The son putting his hand on his mother to comfort her brought me to tears at 7:42. Talk about an amazing father in the making! I’m not big on arranged marriages, but I have some daughters and I’m willing to make an exception here. Call me.

What fun is a birth video that’s absolutely perfect? There is at least one thing I can critique, and it’s the unnecessary use of a doppler. But if you’re going to choose an intervention, that’s a good one with a very, low negative impact.

All in all, I give it a 95%, A+ birth video, highly recommended to everyone!

Powerful Unassisted Homebirth

Not quite as modest as the previous video, but pretty darn close.

Almost nothing to critique in this video. Maybe… tattoos? I don’t like tattoos? Ha, that is a stretch. The amazing father was totally engaged. Excellent work.

Again, very high production value with a great soundtrack that builds nicely.

Great variations of birth positions. The final position was not supine, but more of a semi-upright recline position. Maybe not ideal in the physical sense, but it was ideal for her.

She surrounded herself with great people. Everyone screaming and shouting was kind of funny, and I’m glad it didn’t seem too disruptive for the mother. They were all just excited with her. Birth can be loud and noisy, and that’s okay!

Birth videos can be deceiving because they are over so quickly. A real birth is not a 10 or a 15-minute ordeal. But this video did a pretty good job of capturing the sense of waiting.

Amazing power on display during the pushing stage. Great to see the mother breastfeeding soon afterward.

Oh, one more thing I can critique! The birthday cake! The last thing you want is a large amount of refined sugar when recovering. But the celebration and attitude of everyone involved more than made up for it.

This is birth done right!

97% on the birth scale, A+ highly recommended, would watch it again!


Again, great modesty. I love how it shows how great birth can be even with a down syndrome baby.

This woman is a pro. And so is the husband. Upon learning she’s on labor jokingly said, “When you need any pressure, I got your butt, okay?” Practice really makes perfect. This is their 13th child after all!

You can see the mother trying to get as much rest between contractions. She was even sipping from a Wonder Woman mug. It’s so her. What I like about this video was that it captures the reality of labor: it can involve waiting, a lot of it. Choosing to birth in a tub, even without water is a good call. It saves a lot of cleaning up.

True enough, the husband got the butt covered with his “professional” pressure point. The mom is provided with a good conversation and a good laugh in-between contractions.

When the baby was about to come out, the mom simply said to the photographer, “Come closer, Theresa.” And the baby was born in the caul to boot! So rare. You can just barely see her taking the caul off.

The father was there, hands-on, very comfortable. A great example for other fathers. He was focused and attentive.

Great idea to use the birth tub, even if you don’t fill it with water. It just makes the cleanup easier.

You can tell this is one experienced mother given how she handles the entire ordeal. Well done!

95%, great birth video! A+


Unassisted Home Birth in a Tiny House


Perfect modesty in this video. I love seeing the children so excited for the baby to arrive!

The husband is there, attentive, and supportive. At times he isn’t doing much, because ya know… The woman does 99.9% of the actual birth labor. He can hold her up or whatever, but she seems to prefer to be alone. Everyone is different.

That moment of doubt at 9:08 is just so common. The transition period where the woman calls out for deliverance. It doesn’t happen every time, but those moments are not unique! And like the video says, it means the baby is almost there!

She started going deep with her voice, which is a great technique. Those low guttural tones can help. So much freedom in that home, despite it’s size. Very nice examples of different types of vocalization. Horsey lips! Hahaha

You know a woman is getting serious about birthing when she loses all modesty @12:50!

Her first thought is her other children, then a towel… What a great mom! So nice to include the children like that. It really helps bonding. Those children are going to grow up knowing birth is normal.

The little girl was just overwhelmed. “This was a fun night!!! Because we got our baby born.” She takes ownership of the baby.

Nice to see different reactions of the children. Too much noise can be scary for the youngest. Good to comfort them.

Maybe the father could have been more hands-on? All-in-all a fantastic video.

98% out of 100%. GREAT birth video!



This is one of the birth videos I can watch over and over again. It’s so peaceful. No cringy moment. Their house is near a creek and trees. They were intentional in what kind of environment the baby is going to be born into. You can also tell that labor is hard work but the mother is on top of each contraction. And the toddler’s participation? It’s to make adorable comments that only they can do, swim around, giving affirmations, and keep the oxytocin overflowing. “You’re doing great mommy. You can do it ohtay?” is just heart-melting. She is a doula-in-the-making. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is also responsible for contractions.

The dad was there to provide his reliable presence. He provided the physical and emotional support to the mother. He looks so comfortable in the whole birth process. He knows just how to support without being unobtrusive.

They will be back into their van life after a month postpartum. Ah, living the life they want must be liberating.

99%, great birth video! A+

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