Squat Bar

Squat Bar Definition

A squat bar is a piece of equipment that is used to help the mother in labor to achieve a squatting position. This position is said to be more beneficial than other positions in helping the baby to descend through the birth canal. The squat bar may also be called a delivery bar, labor bar, or birthing bar. Squat Bar vs. Birthing Stool Squat bar is somehow closely related to the term birthing stool, which is a piece of furniture […]

Birthing Chair

Birthing Chair Definition

A birthing chair is a piece of furniture, a birthing tool, that is specifically designed to help a woman give birth. It is often used in hospitals and birthing centers, and it can be helpful for women who are having a vaginal delivery. A birthing chair typically has a hole in the center of it, which allows the baby to be born without coming into contact with the floor. This can be helpful for both the mother and the baby, […]

Top 10 Worst Items to Bring to a Birth – BirthForMen-01

Top 10 Worst Items to Bring to a Birth

There are already many, many lists about what should be brought to a birth. We thought it would be more enlightening to discuss some of the worst items to bring! Cell Phones Cell phones are wonderful devices! Just … not at birth. Most of the time you’ll want to focus on the immediate events and tasks that come up during labor and birth. Cell phones and tablets can distract from the birthing process. This is especially true for birthing attendants […]