Fathers Catching Babies – Part 1

This is a compilation of fathers catching their newborn babies. It is intense, uncensored, and totally awesome. Viewer discretion is advised. https://www.birthformen.com

Did we mention we are grateful when these loving families share these intimate moments with the world? Because we ARE grateful! Thank you to all those who help us have better births by sharing their original birth days.

In order of appearance:

00:15 https://youtu.be/EsNhCWsDVQI

00:53 https://youtu.be/qtW6xP7kqD8

02:16 https://youtu.be/N0HTiOvOPZw

03:43 https://youtu.be/2kqyS-HwPdw

04:58 https://youtu.be/k_kp36Lfvuo

05:57 https://youtu.be/O2Gc3JUshRs

07:02 Video removed/not available from YouTube

07:34 https://youtu.be/q8Dh2D78TKE

08:30 https://youtu.be/hx29GeHS7sY

09:02 https://youtu.be/hjIRd1oDu04

09:22 https://youtu.be/Mgbmo64xPhI

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